Julie Mitchell is a new 1st Grade teacher at HES. She comes to HCS from Mars Hill. She has been in education for 24 years. She has 3 children. Her son, Bo, will be a 9th grader at HHS . Her favorite scripture is 1 Corinthians 16:14- Let all you do be done in love.

- Julie Mitchell, HES


Jay Mitchell is the new PE teacher at HES and the coach of the Lady Lions basketball team. HIs wife, Julie, teaches at HES. He has 3 children. Coach Mitchell came to Haleyville from Mars Hill and has been an educator for 25 years.

- Coach Jay Mitchell, HES/HHS


Tammy Bailey returns to HCS! Mrs. Bailey worked in HCS for 12 years prior to retiring in 2016. Mrs. Bailey will be the receptionist at HES. She has 2 grandchildren, Owen (5) and Henry (2). She is excited to be back serving the children in this community at Haleyville Elementary.

- Tammy Bailey, HES


Ashely Bailey is a new 2nd Grade teacher at HES. Mrs. Bailey attended the University of North Alabama where she also obtained a masters in Education. We are excited to welcome Mrs. Bailey.

- Ashely Bailey, HES


Mrs. Milinda Bales is a new paraprofessional at HES. Mrs. Bales comes to use with 20 years experience in the area of mental health and is a graduate of Haleyville High and the University of Alabama. Mrs. Bales has a son, Daniel, who attends HES. We are excited to welcome Mrs. Bales to our team!

- Milinda Bales, HES


Welcome to Kindergarten Mrs. Taylor Brewer. Mrs. Brewer is a graduate of Haleyville and Athens State. She is married to Gage and has a sweet daughter, Scarlett. Mrs. Brewer is excited to be back teaching in Haleyville.

- Mrs. Taylor Brewer, HES


Adrienna Curtis is a new special education paraprofessional at HES. Ms. Curtis is a graduate of Winston County High School and has worked at a local financial institution. Ms. Curtis loves spending time with her family and being on the lake. We welcome Ms. Curtis to the Haleyville Elementary Team!

- Adrienne Curtis, HES


Ms. Jessica Yeager will be teaching science at HHS. Ms. Yeager graduated from UNA & UWA and is STEM Certified. She has one son, Brock 9th, and a daughter, Cydney 6th, who attend HCS. Both of her kids love sports. She is very excited to be teaching at HHS.

- Jessica Yeager, HHS


Mrs. Jessica Rice is the new music teacher at HES! Mrs. Rice is a gradate of Haleyville High and UNA. She has most recently worked at the Early Arts Preschool. Jessica loves the quote, “There is music in every child. The teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it.” -Francis Clark

- Jessica Rice, HES


Tonya Roberts. is the new HHS bookkeeper. Mrs. Roberts is a HHS Alumni and is excited to be back home. Mrs. Roberts comes to us from IHP. Her two boys, Hayden and Carson, are both student athletes at HCS. Our family loves our Haleyville Lions. She feels blessed to be a part of the HCS Family.

- Tonya Roberts, HHS


Lisa Haley is a new paraprofessional at HES! Mrs. Haley is a graduate of Haleyville High School and has 3 children. Her daughter Cassondra and son Erik are graduates of Haleyville High. Her son Trever will be entering 8th grade at HMS. Mrs. Haley comes to use from a local financial institution.

- Lisa Haley, HES


Emma Rains is the new BTA/Career Prep teacher at HHS. Ms. Rains is a graduate of Haleyville High & Auburn University. She has an accounting degree and comes to us from The Retrofit in Atlanta. Ms. Rains is exited to start her new career in education at HHS in the Haleyville Center of Technology.

- Emma Rains, HHS/HCT


Connie Newell is the new Parent/Teacher Connection Coordinator at HMS as well as will serve as a paraprofessional. Mrs. Newell has 2 daughters. Claire graduated from HHS and Mary Caroline will be a junior at HHS. Mrs. Newell comes to use from a local business. We are excited to have Mrs. Newell!

- Connie Newell, HMS


Ms. Alyssa Ward is a new 4th grade teacher at HES. Ms. Ward is a graduate of HHS and UNA. She did her student teaching at HES as well as worked in our summer enrichment program this summer. We are excited to have Ms. Ward returning to HCS!

- Alyssa Ward, HES


Jennifer Russell is a new Kindergarten teacher at HES. She has taught for 22 years and is back home at HES. She is married to Blue and has one son , Wyatt, who is a HHS grad. Mrs. Russell is glad to be a part of a welcoming, wonderful staff and school system.

- Jennifer Russell, HES


Dana Saylor is our new 11th Grade US History teacher at HHS. She is a graduate UNA with a degree in social science . She is married to Chris and has 2 children and a grandchild. This is her first year teaching and she is very excited.

- Dana Saylor, HHS


Beth Brown is our new Career Coach for HHS! Mrs. Brown is a HHS and Northwest graduate. She is married to Al and we has three children; AJ, Tori, and Martin. She also five amazing grandchildren; Aaliyah, Aiden, Aaron, Josen, and Avery. Mrs. Brown excited to be working in HCS!

- Beth Brown, HHS


Joseph Boyd is our new Career Prep/Computer Technology teacher at HMS. He will also work with our football program as a strength and conditioning coach. Coach Boyd was strength and conditioning coach at West Alabama and has most recently trained the US Special Forces.

- Joseph Boyd, HMS/HHS


Marla Wakefield will be joining the HES staff once again to teach Special Education. Ms. Wakefield has subbed in HCS and did a leave last school year. She loves the quote, "The best & most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart"- Helen Keller..

- Marla Wakefield, HES


Ben Mullins is the new Driver's Education teacher at HHS and will also serve as the Parent/Teacher Coordinator. Mr. Mullins is recently married and is a member of the Lions Basketball coaching staff. Ben has been an asset to HCS for the past year, but takes on a new role this school year.

- Ben Mullins, HHS


Caitlin McCrary is a new Pre-School teacher at HES. Mrs. McCrary is a recent UNA graduate where she holds the title of Miss UNA and competed in Miss Alabama. She holds a collaborative degree in Elementary/Special Education. Welcome Ms. McCrary!

- Caitlin McCrary, HES


Alisa Reed is a new Kindergarten teacher at HES. She is a WGU and has 3 children Noah (12), Weston (10) & Sadie (6). Originally from Vidor, TX, Mrs. Reed has fallen in love with Haleyville the past two years. Welcome Mrs. Reed!

- Alisa Reed, HES


Jesika Cockrell is a paraprofessional at HES. She is a native of Haleyville. She has 2 children in the HCS school system. She was hired last year and will return to HCS this year. Mrs. Cockrell makes it a point to know all the kids names and takes time to encourage them each day. Welcome!

- Jesika Cockrell, HES


Ms. Susanne McWhorter is the new 11th Grade English teacher at HHS. She is a graduate of Mississippi State and comes to us from Caledonia High in Columbus, MS. She has taught English for many years as well as Career Prep and theater. Welcome Ms. McWhorter!

- Susanne McWhorter


Jarrett Tuggle is a new History teacher at HHS. Jarrett is a graduate of Walker High School, The University of Alabama, and has just recently graduated with his M.Ed. from The University of Alabama in Birmingham! He is married and has a daughter. He will also coach football at HHS. Welcome!

- Jarrett Tuggle, HHS


Carley Galloway is a new Child Nutrition staff member at HES. She comes to us from the CNP department in Winston County. Mrs. Galloway loves her small farm with horses, a donkey and red bone hounds. Welcome to HES Mrs. Galloway!

- Carley Galloway, HES


Mrs. Julie Burke is a new math teacher at HMS! Mrs. Burke comes to Haleyville from Zuni Public Schools in Denver, Colorado. She has taught for 16 years. We welcome Mrs. Burke to the HCS family.

- Julie Burke, HMS


Ms. Linda Godsey returns to HHS as a special education teacher. Ms. Godsey retired from HCS after being a teacher, administrator and working in our Central Office. She has grandchildren in Haleyville Schools. We are excited to welcome Ms. Godsey back to HCS!

- Linda Godsey, HHS

Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann Kiser is the new T2 teacher at HES. Mrs. Kiser retired from HCS and has returned to support students at HES. She has 2 children who are graduates and Sydney, her daughter, works at HES as well. She has subbed for HCS in her retirement and we are excited to welcome her back.

- Leigh Ann Kiser, HES


Kathryn Scarberry will be the new 9th Grade English teacher at HHS. Mrs. Scarberry graduated from UNA and West Alabama and comes to HHS with almost 20 years experience . She has taught in the Walker County School System. Welcome to HHS Mrs. Scarberry!

- Kathryn Scarberry, HHS


Jacob Handley is a new math teacher at HHS and will also coach football. Mr. Handley is a graduate of Winfield City Schools, the University of Alabama, and the University of West Alabama. He comes to Haleyville from Decatur City Schools where he taught at Austin. Welcome Mr. Handley!

- Jacob Handley, HHS


Brandy Hulsey is our new Mental Health Coordinator for HCS. She is our 2nd coordinator who will serve our students. She is not new to HCS, but is new to this role. Mrs. Hulsey does a wonderful job and we are blessed to have her in HCS.

- Brandy Hulsey, HCS


Adriana Gonzalez is a new EL Paraprofessional at HES. Mrs. Gonzalez and her husband pastor a church and have 4 children, 2 HHS graduates and 2 who attend Haleyville City Schools. Mrs. Gonzalez comes to us from a local financial institution. Welcome!

- Adriana Gonzalez, HES


Boo Brooks is returning to HES as a T1 teacher! Ms. Brooks retired with 30 years of service, 28 of those in Kindergarten. She has 3 children who are HHS graduates, owns a local business and serves as a city council member in Haleyville. She loves her hometown and HCS. RLR!

- Boo Brooks, HES


Kim Sartin is the new 5th grade Language Arts teacher at HES! Mrs. Sartin retired from HCS and has returned to impact students in a positive way. She has one son who is a graduate of Haleyville. We are thrilled to welcome Mrs. Sartin back to the team.

- Kim Sartin, HES


Cindy Taylor retired from HCS and has returned to be a math interventionalists at HMS! Mrs. Taylor was a wonderful math teacher and we are blessed to have her back working with our Math Department.

- Cindy Taylor, HMS