What is hydroponics?

What is hydroponics you ask? The same question was asked by our students prior to visiting Plant and Roots Farm with their teacher, Mr. Rawls, on a field trip. Now this question is being answered by our students to people around the community. Hydroponics is growing plants or vegetables in a soil free environment. The plants get all nutrients from water soluble fertilizer added to their roots through the hydroponic system and grow at a rate of 30-50% faster than if in a garden environment. They are also free from any contaminate that could be found in a garden or in garden soil or polluted rain water. After visiting the farm and seeing hydroponics work, the students  not only have added this growth cycle to our greenhouse at HCT, many asked for kids for Christmas and have constructed hydroponic growing systems at home. Talk about student voice, engagement and active learning all rolled into one! Thank you HCT,  Mr. Rawls, and Mr. McCullar for all you do! You are appreciated and you matter! #HCSSLI