6th Grade English News

November 29, 2021

November has been stuffed with many opportunities for learning in the 6th grade English class.  Students have planned and written many text-dependent paragraphs in which they used information from reliable resources as evidence to support various topics. This past week we have given our writing a fun Thanksgiving twist. Posing as the owner of a business that sells cranberry sauce, the students wrote text-dependent persuasive paragraphs where they convinced the reader to buy their product. For their evidence, the students researched and shared the benefits of eating cranberry sauce. They extended their persuasion by commenting how the evidence they provided proved why cranberry sauce should be included in their Thanksgiving meal, as well as dinners throughout the year. During the writing process, the students enjoyed sampling cranberry sauce which was a first for some students. To wrap up the week's activity, the students designed and created their own can label for their cranberry sauce business. They used these labels as well as their written paragraphs to persuade their classmates to not miss out on this tasty and beneficial treat